Inspired from ancestral recipes of beauty kept by generations of women, Cinq Mondes has adapted to the western world the most efficient and pleasant “Beauty Rituals of the World®

Fleurs de Bali face ritual – skin diagnosis

Inspired by a ritual from Bali where women use tropical flowers to restore radiance to their skin, this facial features a personal skin diagnosis.


Five flowers ritual – illuminescence facial

This face treatment is associated with a face massage following the Dermapuncture® principle to improve the skin radiance as well as purifying it. This combines face care and deep relaxation.

Bali flowers & fruit ritual –
skin renewal facial


Deep cleansing treatment, skin perfector and “radiance booster” inspired by Balinese beauty rituals. Take full advantage of the beneficial effects of active ingredients provided by natural tropical flowers and fruit acids (AHAs) to restore, purify and smoothen the skin for a radiant complexion.

Ko-Bi-Do – lifting & plumping facial

This manual anti-wrinkle facial from the ancestral Japanese Ko Bi Do Ritual is associated with a unique anti-ageing active complex. Enjoy this holistic approach to lift and tonify your facial contours and effectively renew, smoothen and plump lines on the face and neckline.


Supreme Ko-Bi-Do Anti-age Facial

This “anti-ageing” facial, manual anti-wrinkle treatment from the Japanese Ko Bi Do ritual paired with a regenerating mask, deeply works on wrinkles, firmness and dewy complexion and focuses on eye contour, lips, neckline and arms. Skin feels soft and youthful, and the spirit and mind very restful. A draining lymphatic massage made with jade roller Ridoki completes the detoxifying effect. Treatment closes with application of Geto Supreme Premium regenerating cream.